“Life is simple. Just add water.” That’s exactly how we like to do things!

When water flows into your home, office, business or factory like it is meant to, and the waste water flows away effectively, life is pleasant. We like to keep it that way for you. We attend to any water issues – from setting up the water flow to plumbing and geyser maintenance and repairs.

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We install and repair water pipes and related fixtures to keep homes and businesses flowing smoothly!

Other plumbing services include:

  • fitting water saving devices (shower heads, taps and toilet cistern devices)
  • unblocking drains, toilets, basins and sinks
  • maintenance plumbing
  • renovation plumbing
  • providing plumbing certificates of compliance (COC)

All our work is guaranteed, and we offer 24/7 service.

We also offer monthly maintenance contracts to clients, including body corporates.


If you want good waterflow, call us! We install, connect and repair drainage systems for new and existing buildings in line with architects’ specifications, municipal regulation and best practice. Our aim is to closely represent the natural flow of water in nature.

Drainage comprises all the pipes, traps, tanks, drains and associated mechanical appliances needed to bring potable water to a building and convey the waste water, including sewerage to a sewer or septic tank.

We also do technical inspections of drains and drain pipes.

Grease traps

All restaurants, hotels, lodges, butcheries, bakeries, supermarkets, cafeterias, service stations and large kitchens are required to have a grease trap. We install, service and clean grease traps, ensuring the waste water from your kitchen is disposed of effectively, hygienically and in an environmentally friendly manner.

The grease traps we install are long-lasting and leak-proof, and we can advise the right size to suit your specific need. As grease traps are airtight, they contain the bad odours and overflow. We also provide dosing pumps and enzyme treatments that can withstand continuous use in operating temperatures of up to 104°C.

Our cleaning service will keep your grease trap and the fat-carrying lines free of blockages. This helps prevent fat, oil and grease (FOG) build-ups, unpleasant odours and bacterial growth. When we remove the FOG from your grease trap, we dispose of it responsibly.

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Solar geysers, electric geysers: installations and repairs

Got a burnt element, faulty thermostat, burst geyser or geyser overflow? Or do you need a new geyser? Let us sort it out for you!

We fix and replace faulty geysers, as well as install high quality Xstream geysers in new or renovated buildings. Choose between electric heated and solar heated geysers (or a combination of heating), and we will install the right geyser, in a size that suits your needs.

Xstream geysers are built to last for many years.

  • The inner tanks are made of non-ferrous materials, so they can never rust.
  • No galvanic reactions will occur in the tanks
  • Their materials allow for uniform expansion rates. This eliminates the need for protective linings.
  • The geysers can be connected to solar panels.

To save electricity, you can keep your hot water heated for longer by covering your geyser with a geyser blanket. Ask us about supplying you with a geyser blanket.

We also do geyser inspections. These may be required by insurance policies, as you may need to prove your geyser was in good working order if you submit a claim.

Call us today, and go with the flow!