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With a history of drought, a growing population and limited resources to collect water in the Western Cape, water restrictions are likely to become a permanent part of life. By helping you to maximise the use of your potable water that flushes away as grey water, or the rain water that runs off your roof, we can help you save water.

Grey and black water systems

Instead of letting your grey and black water flow away, why not store, filter and use it to flush toilets or irrigate your garden? As approved installers of Maskam grey water and black water systems, we can provide and install a fully assembled Maskam grey water system in your garden.

The Maskam systems are very low maintenance, require very little power and have no bad odours. They can incorporate pool backwash water and harvested rainwater, and they have an automatic overflow to the municipal sewers. Installed under the ground, the only visible part of the system is the green lid.

grey water system installation - grey water system installers cape town and surrounds

Other features and specifications

  • 1 500, 3 000 and 6 000 litre models available
  • Fully assembled, ready for drop-in on site
  • Good quality underground tank ensures durability
  • Risers can be used to raise lid to ground level if the tank is installed deeper than chimney height
  • Air pump uses only 40 watts of power
  • WW1 filter is easy to clean. Up-flow through the WW1 filter ensures minimum cleaning intervals.
  • WW1 filter turns first chamber into a grease trap, separating fats from your irrigation water (domestic use only)
  • Surface (JET) or Submersible (Citypump) can be used
  • UV is optional
  • When full, the inflows are split through internal valves and the grey water overflows to the municipal sewer line while rain water overflows to storm water.

When we install greywater systems, we add the appropriate pumps and filters to ensure easy water flow to your irrigation system.

Rain water tanks and irrigation

Rain water harvesting and water storage will soon become vital as South Africa’s demand for water begins to exceed supply. By setting up tanks to catch and store the water that comes off your roof when it rains, you can easily harvest rainwater. The water can then be used for irrigation, to flush toilets, fill your swimming pool or wash your car.

Our water solutions include high quality water tanks that can be installed either above or below ground. Through guttering and pipe diversion, the tanks are instantly topped up each time it rains. We install filters and pumps, if required, to get your water flowing where and when you want it.

For a more secure water supply, we can also connect your rain water tank to municipal pipes. By adding a pump, level sensors, filtration and UV sterilisation, the water from your tank can become the main water feed to your home and thereby reduce your municipal water bill.

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” ~ Thomas Fuller | Call us today about water harvesting / recycling.